Motivational Modelling and Strategic Modelling guidance

HI, we have chosen bizagi for the business analysis space. I am somewhat new to bizagi. Where can I find Motivational Modelling and Strategic Modelling guidance such as using Archimate. Thank you


Dear Ravi,

Bizagi has some templates in order to understand how it works for business. You can see them in the following link: These process templates are common processes used in many companies. Feel free to customize them to your particular needs.

In addition, visit this links:

  • Video Tutorials

Learn how to use Bizagi Modeler through short and explanatory videos and discover new features.Please refer to our Video Tutorials site

  • Online training and support

Discover how to capture and transform a process to benefit your business. We offer self-paced training courses online free of charge.Please refer to our e-learning web site

  • Help

Online help contains the knowledge you will need to diagram, document and produce your processes. Feel free to browse through all the documentation. We welcome any of your comments via the Feedback option.The user guide can also be downloaded, for offline use, by selecting the Download Help option which saves the file as a PDF document. training2Regards