More than 2 levels Diagrams hierarchy when publishing to web

We have notice that current when publishing to Web our model which contain multiple levels of sub-processes only a hierarchy of 2 levels is being shown.

We use Bizagi mainly to simplify our work in publishing models for sharing. However, this limitation makes it very difficult for users to navigate and understand the multiple levels of processes when viewing from the web.

Can Bizagi make some changes to the way it publishes so that multiple levels of the sub-processes can be shown?

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Dear Yong,

First of all thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it. This possibility has been suggested by other users of our community and that's the reason why we're now analyzing it within this quarter (January-March 2020). Please bear in mind that the evaluation process take a considerable amount of time. Once we can deliver some news about our updates, we will publish them on our official website ( in the Release Notes section for Bizagi Modeler (

Best regards.