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More Documentation Portal Questions

  1. Is it possible to assemble the documentation portal such that the sidebar menu is collapsible, and so that the processes defined for each area (Human Resources, IT, Financial, etc.) appear underneath that heading?

    E.g. Collapsed

    + Human Resources


    - Human Resources

    - Travel Request

    - Vacation Request

    I think if you could group the processes like this it might make the portal a little easier to use and less confusing. Here's an idea of how I think this might be implemented.

    On the level 0 page assign an extended attribute named Section Id (number or two letter abbreviation) to each of the reusable subprocesses featured (Human Resources, Financial, IT, etc.)

    On the level 1 page for a section (e.g. Human Resources), as you add reusable subprocesses to that page that link to the actual process diagrams, add a second extended attribute named Process Id (again a number or two-five letter abbreviation)

    For example, let's say the Section Id for Human Resources is HR, the Process Id for Vacation Request is 1, for Travel Request it's 2, for Recruitment it's 3 and so on and use these to do the sorting of the diagrams within the portal.

    On the actual page for the Vacation Request Process you can add an extended attribute named something like Parent Diagram or Parent Id and use this to link back to the parent diagram.

    This should allow you to group the diagrams by section and process order in the sidebar and allow for the navigation back to the parent diagram

  2. Can you add two hyperlinks when you're viewing the models, the first takes you back to the top of the section your in (e.g. Human Resources main page), and the second takes you back to the level 0 portal homepage

  3. Beside the titles for the level 1 pages can you include a process count for that section? And somewhere up top, like maybe next to Home over the process display window have a total process count for the entire portal?

    e.g. Human Resources (3 Processes)

    IT (12 processes)

  4. Is it possible to customize the color of the portal like you can the actual modeler and diagram elements?


Good question! I need the same kind of sidebar menu.


Dear Users,

Right now, Bizagi does not support these side menu as you need. This question is considered as an idea to be developed in a future release. We will modify it.

Best regards