MODELER - How is Resource Priority Utilization Determined?

It appears from the reports that this determination is "least-cost", is this correct?

Are Resource Calendars and Scenarios part of the priority model?

I have this need:

260 Tasks group into ...

20 Processes utilizing ...

15 Unique Resources (excluding fixed cost resources) grouped into ...

9 Hourly Cost Classifications running ...

3 Production Shifts processing

3400 Transactions with an arrival interval rate of ...

154 Minutes over the course of a ...

24x7 Production year (365.25 days or 525,960 minutes).

What I am trying to discover, are the simulated costs for each Process and Task.

While I get the RESOURCE COST sheet and a PROCESS COST sheet.

But the PROCESS COST sheet only reflects RESOURCE UTILIZATION TIME not the COST (except for FIXED COSTS) of the RESOURCES consumed in the Process/Task for that time.

I could reverse engineer this calculation, but I do not know which resources are consumed in each of the Tasks?

Is there a way to extract this data, or get the report to reflect this data?

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Dear Derek,

Regarding your question, please check the following points:

- Modeler does not show how was the resource uses for a task due to it depends in how the task is set up in resource parameters

- The costs result for a task in result process sheet represents fixed costs associates to a task, not a resource.

- The costs result for a resource in result process sheet represents the cost to use a resource, that means:

  • Fixed cost: This cost is generated each time a resource processes a token.
  • Per hour cost: This cost is generated for each hour a resource employs processing a token.

For further information: