Modeler 3.8 Download problem.

I start the download.

The speed rapidly drops to about 80Kb/sec and shows about 50 minutes for the download.

After 20+ minutes, the download fails with "network error"

My internet connection is 75 Megabits/sec.

This has happened 5 times (so far)

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I should add that I can usually download a 300 Megabyte file in about three minutes.

Why is the Bizagi link so slow?


Dear Ken,

We are sorry that this issue downloading files is happening to you and for the delay in answering your post. This must have been a temporary unavailability at some point of the download request, which is outside of our control.

Could you please confirm to us what is the link you used to try downloading the Bizagi Modeler version 3.8?

The official site to download our products is and we don't have Modeler 3.8 available anymore, only 3.9.

Thank you for your kind response.


Laura G