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LogIn after installation

I got a new Computer. On this machine I tryed to install the moduler 3.2.7 with a german language-file.

On trying to start the moduler a window apears with a request to sign in. I can not sign in because ther is no contend in the window.


How have I to continue

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Dear Winfried,

We have fixed these kind of issues in our latest 3.3 version. Please download it from our web site (at and proceed to upgrade it.

Best Regards


Hello Jaun,

I tried this, but the Problem stil exists.

On starting the moduler. I'm asked by the Programm to sign up but the box is empty (Bizagi-Start1.jpg). After Closing this box I get the message (Bizagi-Meldung.jpg). If I click "yes" I get the first box, on clicking "no" the Moduler is Closing.


Dear users,

We apologise for the late reply. We are currently at version 3.8 of Bizagi Modeller, so I expect that the issue you were experiencing has been resolved.

A new version was recently released, and you can get this from

Please let us know if this has resolved your problem, we look forward to your response.

Kind regards,