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I have been a happy user of the Bizagi Modeler since about 12 years. However it has been quite a "lonely" ride, i have actually not talked or met other users from Northern Europe during these years. I'm currently located in Sweden and it would be great to know if there are other companies/people in Sweden or the Nordic Countries using the product. Working with the Open Text products for 25 years I have had great experience from other user groups or user communities so it would be nice have a Swedish, Nordic or European forum here. But that is just an idea ...



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Dear Sten,

Thank you for writing us your ideas and suggestions. Our Product team revise and assess everything without discrimination.

Although your idea is valid, it is not something we would be implementing: We will continue to offer these forums in English and Spanish, which are the languages that access the majority of our users and clients.

However, it might be possible that you will encounter other Swedish/Nordic/European users along the way, either in this community or in the Internet.

Best regards,

Laura G