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Working on a bit bigger project with Bizagi Modeler a lot of questions are popping up. Here is one:

When describing many business processes (like Sales, Design, Production, Assembly, Logistics, Financial etc) there some activities that could be made as common "subprocesses", however some activities are not big enough to be a subprocess.

An example, there is an activity like “Register a Case” and there are some extended properties added to that activity. This activity occurs in many processes (like design, assembly etc). Now that activity could be created and then copied to several places, however if you need to change that, you need to change that in several places.

So would it be possible to make that activity “Global”, or “Mirrored” or “Linked” so when you change the content of that activity in one process it’s changed in all places (processes and diagrams) where it’s used.


/Sten Soderberg

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Dear Sten,

Thank you for writing your questions to us. Currently, we don't have this functionality on our Modeler, se we are going to change this to an idea and share it with the Product team for their assessment and decision on implementing this.

Kind regards,

Laura G