Lines and Subprocesses truncating text

When I close and open a Bizagi file, the text for Lines and Subprocesses have been truncated to the original size of the text box, rather than the size I have set them at. This also happens when I send a file as jpg's.

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Good morning Herman, I ran a test in a model of my own using the latest version present in the Bizagi portal, which is, and it works fine. I added a long text in an artifact description, saved it and then open it again.

Please verify your version and try again. Thank you.


Dear Herman and Maria,

Since it's been a while and we haven't heard from you, we will proceed and close this topic assuming this issue is no longer a problem for you. However, we appreciate your time and participation on this community, so if you have questions or issues you want to report, please feel free to create a new topic.

All the best,

Laura G