Licensing modeler for consulting

I would like to use Bizagi modeler in our consulting practice.

What kind of license do I need to allow customers to provide comments and feedback?

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Dear Eric,

Thank you for letting us know your questions.

Regarding licenses, it depends on what you mean by receiving comments and feedback from your customers. Our Bizagi Modeler provides a tool to model processes (either as they currently are or as one would like them to be), it is also useful to run simulations (parametrizing data that could later become useful information your you about the process modeled). However, it is not useful for interactions between companies and their customers.

If you are looking for building a platform where customers could create cases, and then your employees review them and work with them, you might be thinking about Bizagi Suite (or Studio Collaboration Services), which has more features extending from just the modeling of processes.

Either case, here are some links to the licensing information for each of them (Modeler and Studio) in case you want to look further into them:

For Bizagi Studio:

For Bizagi Modeler:

With the Bizagi Studio link, you could also look into other articles within that page to understand its purpose and see if it is a good fit for your company's needs.

Best regards,

Laura G