Latest version problem

I've downloaded this version

(Windows 10 Pro 64-bit)

when i try to open it the error is "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" (see attachment) and the app is not running properly. the loading mouse icon is always there and bizagi is hang there.

I mean a clean start not even opening a file... just when i open the app the message appears.

sometimes when i open a file, i can close the alert window, but the GUI is not working, i can't see the zoom bar, and other functionalities are not working.

I've tried repair, uninstall, reinstall, and nothing works.

any ideas? thanks guys.

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Hi Alejandro,

We are working on this, but we will need more information. Could you please send us the Modeler logs available at C:\Users\Public\Documents\BizagiModelerLogs in order to know more of your specific issue and solve it?

Kind regards,

Laura G



Previously I've faced with same problem.

If I'm not mistaken, try to clean cached models.

Two methods:


File - Open - Recent models - Click right mouse button on Model name - "Remove from recent models"

2nd: remove files named "CatalogStorage*.mdf" from

  1. C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\Bizagi Ltd\Bizagi Process Modeler

Ensure, that you've made Backup copy of those files before.