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Java SE Licensing

Hi Bizagi Modeler Support:

I assist with Software Asset Management and Licensing, and was interested in knowing if you had a little more information on Bizagi Modeler's dependency on Java SE 8 (update 66) and future plans.

In my research, and as you likely already know, with Java SE 8 (update 211) from April 2019, Oracle introduced per user/server licensing costs for Java SE 8. This article explains a little more:,license%20terms%20and%20support%20schedules%20for%20new%20versions.

I noticed Bizagi modeler is shipping with an older version of Java SE 8 (update 66). So it doesn't appear that there are any licensing costs at the moment. But if ever Bizagi was to ship with a higher version of Java SE, it could have the potential to pass costs onto users. From Oracle's perspective, the end-user is the one who has to maintain licensing for any third-party applications they use.

So my question is: do you all have future plans to ensure Open JDK compatibility (and potentially ship with Open JDK) for Bizagi Modeler?

The article above explains like Open JDK (which is fully free) could be used since it has 'parity' with the paid version but follows a more rapid release cycle. So, it has the same capabilities.

Thanks for any information you can provide.