it is BPMN 2 supported, then why sub-process many start events other than BPMN 2 standard which sho

does Bizagi fully comply with BPMN 2

i noticed that a sub-process can have start events other than "none start event" in Bizagi Modeler

it is not correct and not a BPMN 2 standard which should accept only "none start event"

please check OMG BPMN Page 241 last line to double check,

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Dear Amir,

We agree with you because Bizagi Modeler does not obligate that on embedded sub-processes can only use none start events.

At the first level, the specification says that one can use any type of start event, but when the process is called by call activity (reusable sub-process), it ignores different none start event. In this case, it only uses the none event to transfer the flow from the father process.

These kind of validations are not included on the designed product.