It appears the simulation does not restrict resource availability based on the Calendar

I created a very simple process flow with two steps and two different resources with a quantity of 1 resource per resource type. Each process step was allocated one of the resources. I then set the process time to 1 hour each. I ran the simulation for 30 days. 30 calendar days * 24 hrs/day = 720 available resource hours per resource. When I run the simulation for 10,000 tokens I get the expected results of 100% utilization and 720 tokens were processed in the 30 day period in the first process.

I then created a calendar with working days set to Monday through Friday, 8 hours duration. Given this calendar I would expect total resource availability for each resource to be 30 days * 8 hrs/day = 240 hours. I would expect that the first process step would then be only to complete 240 tokes given the 1 hour effort needed. I assigned the resources to the calendar and when I ran the simulation the results were exactly the same without the calendar even though I selected the Calendar simulation.

Is this a known issue or am I missing some configuration step for the simulation to include the calendar restricted availability? I'm using BizAgi Modeler 4.0.

Thank you,