Issues with Publish to SharePoint

When creating a new model, I've added/embedded

images (or extended attributes) that display when exported and viewed locally. However, after moving

those same exported files to SharePoint using Explorer View, the same embedded

images that were displayed when viewed locally aren't displayed when viewing

the same from within SharePoint after clicking on the Index.html page.

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Dear Vern,

Please share with us your current modeler version, sharePoint version, and a screenshot.

we look forward to hearing from you


Hi, I cannot update the issue in the Bizagi site linked

below as it keeps asking me to Login even when I have Logged in several times.

Current Modeler is

SharePoint version is SharePoint Server 2013.

Also, it doesn’t make sense to send you a screenshot as it

is extremely easy to describe, and I would have to change one of my models in

order to reproduce it.

When I publish any model and don’t change the name of the

model, there are some elements (like the Formatted Text element), that won’t

show up in SharePoint if it was not in the original version of the model. Even if I delete all the folders and files in SharePoint

and then republish, it will still end up not showing everything.

I have learned that I need to change the model name every

time I publish and everything works fine.

Vern Millard


This problem occur in Web Publish too! Continue present old model after updated files in SharePoint!

After publish any model and move files to Sharepoint [Explorer View] old model presented, how if images or models not updated.


Dear Vern,

We have fixed these kind of issues in our latest version. Please download it from our web site (at and proceed to upgrade it.

Best Regards