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Issue linking diagram of reusable sub-processes in Bizagi Modeler

So in invoking the properties from a reusable sub-process in a model (using Bizagi Modeler, I cannot link the process diagram to the sub-process. The option appears in the properties in order to choose one, but when I hit "Okay" nothing happens ... no link, no dialogue box for error, nothing ... I have to choose cancel to get out of the diagram link properties box. The link never occurs, even if I create a new sub-process element in the model and try to link it to the diagram tab ... nothing.

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Dear Amanda,

Thank you for letting us know. In order to help you in solving this issue, please send us the model with the issue, a description of the steps you are following, and the logs (available at C:\Users\Public\Documents\BizagiModelerLogs\YYYY-MM-dd.log).

Please send us an email at, so that your issue may receive proper attention.

Thank you so much for your attention. We will proceed to close this topic since it will be solved via email.

Kind regards,

Laura G