Is there a way to improve Word documentation?

I just created a process and Modeler is great to do that. Then I created a Word template, as specified in the documentation, but the result is far to be acceptable. Of course all the styles are exactly as I expected but:

  1. the modeler adds a blank line after each paragraph, sometimes two, so that text is spread across the page and looks ugly
  2. Many sections are not managed by styles, but normal indented and/or bold text, so that it is not possible to style them by using the template styles
  3. A lot of descriptions have not the ModelerNormal style applied, but an unnamed style based on original font (Segoe UI)
  4. The symbols of elements in bizHeadingX titles are too big and with not enough space between the symbol and numbering and between the symbol and heading text
  5. It is not possible to select which information for each section should be exported. Of course it is possible to select diagrams and flow items, but within an item, it is not possible to tell which attributes should be listed.
  6. Attributes are listed one after the other, so that the document is hardly readable (too spread): a better approach would be to use a table for attributes related to a flow element (task, event, ...)
  7. In portrait templates it might be useful to have diagrams in landscape mode, because in portrait mode are too small.

There are other problems but they are minor ones.

Thank you in advance.

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I'll increase a point at this conversation...

2 things:

- Newer version of BizAgi Modeler disabled Web export feature... now it's a paid feature... for those that just want to "draw and document" the process, it was a major step back.

- Newer version use Aspose library to fill and create Word document. Aspose is a great library tool... and if you (BizAgi) let us use our insights to create better documentation using LINQ, you just need to create a XML model that exposes all fields (custom fields too) in a compreensive way, Modeler will be a great to "document" processes. Currently there isn't a supporting documentation on the exported model and its features.


Dear Ciro,

First of all, thanks for your feedback. About the two things you are stating:

1. The changes in the web export feature are out of the scope of this community site. Maybe with the release notes you will understand better the reasons behind this decision.

"Important: Simulation is now part of the premium features. Only users in Professional, Workgroup (Trial included) and Enterprise can use this functionality. Why do we have this change? Bizagi Modeler offers simulation using a simulation Engine called L-SIM from Lanner ( In the past they provided the component for free, but now Lanner is charging Bizagi for distributing this component. Thus, Bizagi is moving the simulation capabilities to the paid tier of Modeler Services. " Further information:

2. We will take this suggestion and share it properly to don't lose your useful recommendation.

Best regards.


Dear Users,

The feature has been delivered in version 3.4.0

Best Regards