Is it possible to rollout Bizagi Process Modeler by Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager?

Hi, my name is Fritz, I am Administrator in our Company.

We want to install Bizagi Process Modeler on round about 20 or more Computers.

For the rollout we want to use our already existing M$ System Center Configuration Manager.

Is it possible to do that? Have someone ever tried to do this before?

Is there an msi-package available for the installation instead of the exe-installer?

Which adjustments/parameters have to be made for installation with SCCM?

Thanks for your assistance





it is possible to do this via SCCM.

Install the software normally in recording mode and save the user inputs in a file:

  • BizAgiPMSetup.exe /r /f1"D:\BizAgiPMSetup.iss"
  • /r : Recording mode
  • /f1 : path where the file with the installation configuration will be saved. It must be an absolute path.

Create a cmd script that will run this exe

BizAgiPMSetup.exe /s /f1BizAgiProcessModeler\setup.iss

Add this script in SCCM and run it using an SCCM advertisement.

This should work fine. I used it to tun BPM 2.0 - 2.3 and now 2.6 (For 206 I receive an error on some machines and I opened a different problem in this forum.

Feel free to ask if you need more info.