Is cloud access part of Bizagi Modeler?

If I download the Process Modeler, do I automatically get cloud access, or is that only with a paid version? If it's only with the paid version, is there any way I could save data to the cloud without paying?

I am asking because I'm trying to get installation approval and I have to try to answer 28 cloud related questions. But if I don't have any access to the cloud, then I want to let the people who are reviewing my request know.


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Dear Maha,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. The download allows you to use the free features of the Bizagi Modeler, which does not include cloud and collaboration features. In case you and/or your company want to use the cloud features Bizagi offers, you will need to pay for the paid license.

Another alternative to use cloud without paying a license with us would be to save your models on your own cloud provider (in which case, the collaboration options available with a paid license would still be unavailable).

For more information on what's available with each license tier, please take a look into the following article:

Best regards,

Laura G


Thank you so much! I appreciate you providing me the information.