Intermediate Event

Hello I m new to bizagi and I would like to know whether I can use the intermediate event like the event button in aris express or not ?

I just want to use it to describe things like : customer enquiry arrived -> send offer

so in this case I would use a intermediate event to describe -> customer enquiry arrived .. would that be correct ?


Dear Can,

Thank you for your interest in Bizagi and welcome to Bizagi Process Modeler Community!

You may use the intermediate events to represent that in your process there is a waiting for an business event to trigger, which may or may not happen.

I personally do not have advanced knowledge on Aris and its event button; but according to the BPMN definition, Intermediate events indicate where something happens somewhere between the start and end of a Process.

If that 'something' actually does happen, then the event will be activated.

Notice it is not just a description, as the event is actually waiting for something to trigger it in order to follow the process flow.

If this process does start off from a Customer enquiry arrival event, then you may consider having a message start event (instead of the start event followed by an intermediate event).

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