Integrated Reusable versus Stand Alone Reusable Sub Processes

In looking at the documentation for Reusable Sub Processes it states that:


This Sub-Process can be integrated or standalone:

If integrated is chosen, the parent Process continues when the Sub-Process is finished.

If standalone is chosen, the parent Process continues with the next Activity as soon as the Sub-Process is started.


Where in the product can you specify that a Reusable Sub Process is either integrated or stand alone?

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Good morning Dave, the properties that you are mentioning are part of the configuration of the Sub Process in Bizagi Studio. To do that follow the steps below:

1. Open Bizagi Studio and import your Modeler

2. Select the option Edit Process

3. Right click in the Sub Process, option Config Sub Process

4. This will take you to a step by step configuration.

For more information please go to: