Integaration Azure DevOps and Bizagi Modeler

Hi there!

We would like to connect business requirements to service from our customers with tasks on the diagram at Bizagi Modeler. We are using MS Azure DevOps to manage requirements (CMMI model).

Is there any way, how to add relations between those two systems?

We propose, that the most user-friendly mode will include presenting requirements title like an attribute of task through web-presentation (I've added some layout of this concept, made at Paint =) )

Does anyone have experience of such integration and can share some advice?

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Dear Stanislav,

Thank you for your message.

Bizagi Modeler is a process modeling and documentation tool, therefore, an alternative is the one you mention. Create documentation attributes to represent the relationships between different systems.

However, Bizagi is a completely digital process transformation platform and we have a product called Bizagi Automation. That one allows you to go beyond process diagramming and integrate Bizagi with other tools such as CRM, ERP, etc.

We recommend you to check more about this product on our website


Juan S.