Inconsistency between number of instances started and complete

I have a question in a simulation. My simulation has along all the process 142 instances. Arrives at a split gateway with 142 but only 42 come out and there are on other end events in that path. What happen to the other 100 instance?

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Hi Beatriz,

There are multiple possible causes of this outcome.

1) The model is not fully BPMN compliant. Meaning that there could be issues with gateways, events, or activities not being used according to strict BPMN. Please make sure that the inclusive and parrallel gateways have corresponding divergent and convergent nodes. This video explains the convergence concept:

2) An object or model pattern has been used that is not supported in the simulation model. Please see this page for details that may help: (see the considerations section at the bottom)

If this information was not helpful, please post a screenshot of the whole process model, and we can try to recreate the issue.

Kind regards,

David Foster