In v 3.9 how can I increase text size in Tasks

I upgrade to 3.9, but in latest versions the text size of the name of the text I can put more text. In the v 3.9 the size is smaller ? How can I increase text size in Tasks ? Thanks

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Dear Marcelo,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. In the "Home" tab on the upper menu of the Modeler, there's a section called "Format" where you can change the size and general font style of the text for any element you are selecting. You can even multi-select more than one element using ctrl+click and change the format of all the texts of the selected elements.

Let us know if you have further questions about this.

Best regards,

Laura G


Hi Laura, tanks for answered, but in menu "Format", I only can change the font format. What i need to know is how to increase the amount of characters in "text name" of one task. Currently i only can use 100 caracteres, is it possible increase for 150 caracteres, for exemple, or more ? Thanks