Impossible to open a file from Bizagi Cloud

I saved a file to the Bizagi Cloud and I can't open it.

I can see the file then I open Bizagi Cloud from the application, but when I try to open the file, I receive an error: "the object reference does not point to an instance of an object" (translation from Russian).

I didn't delete this file, and I can see the name of the file!

I don't have a copy of this file and I'm so unhappy because I worked 3 hours with this file and now all my work is failed.

Is it possible to recover the file?

My version is Modeler

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Dear Alex,

To solve this issue, you need to apply the latest fix of v3.0.0.022. Please download from and apply it according instruction file.



Dear Juan, I am using the current latest version of Bizagi, and cannot open two of my models in Bizagi Cloud. Important to say that other models I can open normally. I have sent an e-mail right now to with further info.