Import Data inside Extended Attribute from one Bizagi file to another


I'm currently working in a Bizagi file and a colleague of mine is working on another independent Bizagi file.

He sent me an email with his bizagi file for me to copy one of his diagrams to my Bizagi file. I can do it or by exporting/importing, or just simply copying the diagram. No problem in this part.

We have the exact same Extended Attributes fields, so no problem in this part either.

The issue is; when I copy or import his diagram, the contend /data inside the Extend Attributes does not copy, only the name of the fields.

Is it possible when copying a diagram from one Bizagi file to another that the contend/ data inside each extend attributes comes along? If not, how can I import that information from one Bizagi file to another?



Pedro Carvalho

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Dear Pedro,

Currently our product does not include this feature. We have changed the type of this question so that the whole Bizagi BPM Modeler community can vote and discuss them.

We want to make sure we solve the needs of our clients, so that we can add the features you consider most important.



Dear Pedro,

This can be done by using the 'Import' > 'Bizagi' option of the 'Export / Import' menu

Best Regards