I want to start a process by receiving an email from another process in a separate pool

Hi team,

I am facing trouble when starting a process when an email is received from another process which is in a separate pool.

For e.g. Organization's Team A is sending an email to a marketing partner (in a separate pool) to provide information via an email. So the marketing partner's process starts once they receive the email from the organization.

Do I need a start event (message) to start the marketing partner's process, or can I just add a script task to provide the requested information to the organization?

And also, is it a must to have a start event in every process.



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Dear Kaumadi,

Thank you for letting us know your questions.

To the first question: if you have information of the process the marketing partner goes through to process what it's sent via email, then you could use 2 different pools to model what the Organization's Team A does and what the marketing partner does. If you do not have this information, and it is not really important for the organization's model, then you could include a task to send email, then model the event of receiving information or the event of waiting time for the response to get back to the team, and then continue according to the parameters set for the process.

Conversely, if what is important for your model is what the marketing partner does, whose process starts with a message sent, you could model it by starting the pool with a message start event and then the rest of the process as per the guidelines of said process. For more information on the different types of start events, please read the following article:

To answer your second question, yes, if you are using multiple pools within the same diagram, each pool needs its own start event. However, depending on the requirements and the priorities set for the process you are modeling, you may want to use lanes rather than pools in your diagrams (which do not need a start event for each). For more information about pools and lanes, please visit the following articles:

We hope this helps you in answering your request.

Best regards,

Laura G