I have a multiple reusable subprocess that needs to be interrupted after set time

I have a multiple reusable sub-process that requests feedback from external agencies. After 30 days I need the sub-process to stop wherever it is and return to proceed with main process. I do not see the option Attach Event on my sub-process in Studio?

I tried using an event based gateway before the sub-process, so that the timer can go off after 30 d, but the sub-process activities are not stopped.

I am not sure if this is a modelling issue or a bizagi issue?

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Dear Jane,

Thank you for writing your concerns to us.

In Bizagi Modeler, you can attach events to a sub process by right-clicking the sub process box and selecting the option "Attach event," which will open the list to the types of events you can attach (see images for reference).

However, if this is an issue related to Bizagi Studio, we would highly recommend you create a new topic there ( so that our Studio team may help you better to solve it.

Best regards,

Laura G