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Hyperlink by clicking on an element kept while exporting to pdf


The use of hyperlink directly into the diagram is a very useful option for process users. With this, they can access directly to templates and other useful documentation while reading the process diagram they are following.

I have seen this is possible (clicking on an element and opening a URL) only in the presentation mode.

While exporting the document in pdf, if you want to have the hyperlink, this has to be included as an extended property and it will be in the process documentation but not on the diagram itself (furthermore diagram is exported as a picture).

I would like to have the opportunity to export only the diagram to pdf (until now I make a print with Microsoft print to pdf printer) and keep in this pdf the hyperlinks as in the presentation mode (access by clicking on the element of the diagram).

Is this possible?

To show you what I have in mind, you will see the idea realised with another software used for process modelisation in the attached document. (you can not download the linked url file since it is a secured area it is linked to).

Thanks a lot for your answer and your help!