HTML Generation does not use updated document


I have seen the following behavior:

1. I have an Excel list "glossary"

2. I save this as a Web document "glossary.htm" and store it locally

3. I attach "glossary.htm" to a document symbol in bizagi modeller. (Actually I specify it to open when the symbol is clicked on)

4. I publish everything as html and it works fine.

5. I update my Excel file and save it again as "glossary.htm" in the same folder that bizagi works with. (Meaning the orginal glossary.htm file is overwritten by the updated one).

6. I publish again as html, and it shows the old version of the glossary.

I can circumvent this by deleting the document symbol, creating it again at attaching again the htm-file.

It is not a grave problem, but the system behavior is not as expected.

Regards, Daniel

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Dear Daniel,

You need to update the file from Modeler because it saves a copy inside the BPM file. If you replace the file on the published web, it will be replaced at the moment you publish it again.