How to view embedded sub-process in Process Simulation result view

After running a process simulation in the Process Simluation popup form, how can I see the details of the Embedded sub-processes, the same way I see for the main process.

So I click the Start button, the simulation executes, I see the small Completed, Average time, Total time figures for each task and sublow in their corners. But how can I dig in the Embedded Sub-Processes to see the details over there? I would like to see the Completed, Average time and Total time for the tasks within the subflow.

(Of course, in the Results form I can see the details for the sub-processes, too, in a table format.)

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Dear Szilard,

Regarding your question, embedded sub-process is part of the main process. The best way to simulate sub-process is embedded instead of Reusable. Elements contained in Reusable Sub-processes are not simulated. If you include a Reusable Sub-process in your model you will have to set a overall processing time for the shape. If you want to simulate the logic included within a Sub-process, use Embedded Sub-processes.

The simulation only shows the values that you mentioned. It does not included the task that are included in the sub-process.

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