How to structure processes in web export

I would like to introduce Bizagi to our company. As a first step all our processes should be documented with the Modeler and made available to colleagues via web export. BUT: How can I bring the processes in the web view into a meaningful hierarchy? Currently all processes are displayed as a long list (e.g. one for invoicing next to one for production). That does not make sense, we need at least one top-level hierarchy to separate the processes from each other.

I found similar questions multiple times in the forum, but no one has received a good response so far. If the option is simply missing, please implement! (web export is now a premium feature so it should work convenient)

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Dear Andreas,

Yes indeed. The web publishing generates a unique list for diagrams in the model. Using the site navigation (not the left menu but the entire screen), you can go through the subprocess and return but still, there is not a meaningful hierarchy by default nor a way to configure it yet.

We will communicate this suggestion to our product team and they will evaluate to include it as an improvement/enhancement for the feature. If anytime there's a release including this feature, all our community will be notified through our Release notes in our official website

Thanks and we encourage you to keep sharing your ideas with us.

Best Regards.