How to model activities with no order between them?


I’m trying to model a hospital process where patients should

be submitted to 7 diferent exams. Each exam takes diferent time and resources

to be perfomed, threfore I depicted each one as an activity. There is no order

between the exams, however every patient should pass through all the 7.

So how do I model 7 activities (and each one has its own

time and resources) that should be performed, but there is no order between


If I depict them in a sequence, patients would wait for long

periods for na exam while others are empty. If I depict them as paralel

ativities, patients would perform just one.

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Dear Bruno,

You can use a gateway to model these activities in parallel. About this "If I depict them as paralelactivities, patients would perform just one", is not totally true, you can model them in parallel but making all of them mandatory. How to do it? Using a "Parallel Event Based gateway" or just an "Inclusive gateway". Please refer to and for further information.

Best regards.