How to Manage Model Releases in Distributed Environment


We have a distributed environment where team A works on the Data Model and team B works on Forms/UI of a same Bizagi project. But, Team A has its own Bizagi environment and Team B has its own Bizagi environment (with similar configuration off-course).

After Team A delivered a Data Model to Team B, Team B has done all the Forms/UI. Now, how can Team A provide slightly modified data model to Team B that they can incorporate into their own Model easily? Is there anyway Bizagi allows this kind of functionality? What if this has to be done regularly, how can it be done automatically/efficiently?

Any idea/help would be highly appreciated, thanks!

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Dear Nadeem,

Regarding your question, it is not possible. You cannot mix down two different projects. Bizagi Studio only works with one database and your team needs to work on it. It is called collaboration. Bizagi Studio provides a collaborative environment where you and co-workers can work simultaneously on the implementation of processes. Bizagi supports a teamwork collaborative setup for the Development/Authoring environment, so that you can move an existing Bizagi project into a central server anytime (or create a new one), and have several users work with from their workstations.

As a result, everyone can work at the same time on the same set of processes, and use the teamwork collaboration features as described at Teamwork setup.


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