how to have an artifact "pool" in a subprocess diagram


in my diagram i have a subprocess defined. Clicking on this subprocess, it brings me to a new diagram. How can i choose here an artifact-element "pool" to use ? (not visible in the left menu)



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Dear Gert,

Regarding to this question: Why can't I use pools, lanes and milestones in a Sub-process?

Embedded Sub-processes are an Inline block, that group process elements used in a certain point in the process within a Sub-process. According to BPMN, a Sub-process should not have pools or lanes as they are dependent on the parent process and subsequently have visibility to the parent's global data.
In order to make use of pools, lanes and milestones diagram elements in a Sub-process, change your default Sub-process to a reusable Sub-process. Reusable Sub-processes allow all of these elements. Note, in BPMN reusable sub-processes are called "Call Activities".

For more information please refer to Converting to reusable sub-process