How to design processes in both lot and separated

Hello Everyone.

I have a question related on how to design a certain business with the situation below.

It is a process done with the help of a system to make payments, however:

1 - For the first part, user needs to type each payment. So because of this I have a medium time for each typing.

2 - After he finished all the typings he will "process" them in the tool and they are all done together. That means I have an unique medium time for the lot of step 1.

I need to make a simulation over this, however I can not seem to input the correct times as if I simply design it, Bizagi will understand it should calculate the times recorded for each token. However, for part no 2 it should calculate only once for all inputs received by the end of the simulation.

Is there a way I can design this process so the simulation will work and consider that for part 1 it should multiply it for each token and for the second part all previous actions done before are included in part 2?

Hope I was clear enough.


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Dear Nathalia,

Regarding your question, you can use a wait time for this first case. You can add a manual task and modify this value. For the second case, you can include a sub-process and add the time for the whole sub-process. It will work like a black box.

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