How to access data of reusable subprocess in parent process?

I have this situation:

When person orders something i have two things to do: one is to take the order, and another is to make what was ordered.

So i've created Reusable Process called TakeOrder and a process MakeOrder.

Part of the MakeOrder process flow is TakeOrder.

In TakeOrder i fill in such informations like ClientName.

Now everything works fine. When i go through the TakeOrder i fill all info, process ends and i can go to MakeOrder to continue the flow.

So now i would like to know while i'm making the order for who i do it. So in MakeOrder process i would like to be able to access entity of TakeOrder to get for example ClientName.

So far i figured out to add attribute OrderTaken to MakeOrder of type of a entity of TakeOrder.

It does not fill out automatically.

So i added on Exit of TakeOrder an expression of type Assignment and i assigned TakeOrder to the attribute OrderTaken.

And i've deployed it to test, opened this question to get help because i thought it would not work but...

hey. It works! So i post it for others maybe someone will find it helpful. Awesome !

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Hi can you publish the code i have the same problem


Hello Oscar,

I've added a field of type TakeOrder to MakeOrder model named OrderDetails. Next i've added a business rule action to exit circle in Subprocess TakeOrder in MakeOrder process. For On Exit event i've added a Xpath rule: MakeOrder.OrderDetails = TakeOrder. This is it. Than you have all subprocess data in OrderDetails field. You can choose it in Form designer as well.


Dear Oscar,

In order to understand what Tomaszs is saying, please follow these articles of sub-processes:

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