How do you calculate the number of users for license?



your software price based on the number of users?

The number of developers who work on the software or the number of employees using this software?

Our company has two senior developers working with your software to generate process and programming.

The factories or companies that we intend to build software for them may have several employees who want to work with software produced by your BPMS.

How do you calculate the number of users?


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Dear Hamidreza,

Bizagi Studio as well as Bizagi Modeler are free. You can download and use it without any restriction. The only restriction is to test on the web application.

Bizagi Modeler and Bizagi Studio can be used free of charge, and need no licensing. Bizagi Studio supports a maximum of twenty (20) Users in development and testing environments.

Bizagi Engine is the only product that requires the User licensing described above, to enable end users to participate in the automated business process.

For further information:

Regarding your posted comments on the forum: please note that this forum is for dealing specifically with the Bizagi Process Modeler and its features - including questions and/or bugs, and client’s suggested ideas or positive comments.

We fully appreciate feedback. However, we would like to ask you if you could share your posts on the Bizagi BPM Suite forum (on, where it can be viewed and treated by the whole BPM Suite community and its experts.

This posted topic will now be deleted. Thank you for your understanding.