How do I model this?

I am not sure about how to model a process which contains several tasks that are to be performed in a certain timeframe (deadline).

The overall process starts with the 1st series of tasks, continues with the 2nd series which must be performed in 2 days and after that, the output of these tasks performed in these 2 days continues with the last series of tasks. Should I transform the 2-days tasks in a sub-process and mark its duration with a timer event?

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Dear Helen,

You can create intermediate timer event to make sure to perform activities at time. Using this kind of event, you will be able to send emails to users in order to continue with the flow into the deadline.

The idea to create a sub-process can work, however we don´t know exactly how your business is and how is the best way to work. On this web page, you can find some process templates to get ideas to develop your own business process model: