How can i export BPMN model in .xml or .xmi file?

How can i export BPMN model in .xml or .xmi file?

i have not the export option for .xmi, but i have .xml option

but there is also an issue, that when i export my model in XML only header is in the XML file, other activities, events etc are not.

Actually i want to automatially generate BPMN models from natural language text, so i need to generate in a format that is compatiable to be imported in bizagi or any other BPMN modeller like XMI or XML format or any other format that you know please tell me?

below is example of XML file that is being generated:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<SerializableExtendedAttributes xmlns:xsd=""; xmlns:xsi="">;

<ExtendedAttributeCollection />

<ExtendedAttributeOrderList />



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Dear Bilal,

Regarding your question, Bizagi Modeler supports the following standards:

  • Support for BPMN 2.0

Business Process Model and Notation, or BPMN, is a graphical notation created to provide a unified language of worldwide acceptance. It is used to specify business processes, defined by the Object Management Group (OMG).

Since joining the group in 2007, Bizagi continues to be an active member of the group within the OMG that is in charge of defining the BPMN standard.

Bizagi Modeler supports the current version, BPMN 2.0.

For more information, see

  • Support for XPDL 2.2

The XML Process Definition Language, or XPDL, is a standard format to interchange business process definitions between different workflow products.

XPDL provides a file format that supports every aspect of the BPMN process definition notation, including graphical descriptions of the diagram, as well as executable properties used at run time. This format is standardized by the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC).

Bizagi Modeler supports the current version, XPDL 2.2.

For more information, see

To know how to do it, please check these articles: