How can I embed a Bizagi process map in an <iframe> on our web portal ?


I need to embed an interactive web rendering of a Bizagi process map on our web portal. Typically I use an <iframe src="http://URLto web page to be embedded"> </iframe> to do this. This does not work with Bizagi's index.html file as it displays more than just the interactive process map. I don't need the left navigation panel, the header, ... I just need to show the diagram in a way that users can click on the activity blocks to see the descriptions, drill down into sub-processes, use external links, ...

Just showing the diagram .png file as a picture is not enough, I need the interactivity without the overhead.

Thanks for your help andBest Regards,Johan


It's been 4 days, gentle bump ... anyone ?


Dear Johan,

We implement the iframe as you need. The result correctly is:



<iframe src="index.html"

width="100%" height="100%" scrolling="auto"> </iframe>



However, you cannot remove any element of the structure. I mean tha you cannot remove left navigation panel and the header.