How Can I create an non-interrupting boundary or intermediate events ?

I simply want to create a task with an non-interrupting event on its boundary. I dont understand how to use Bizagi Modeler to crete it ? Thanks

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Dear Orlando,

Thank you for letting us know your questions.

For intermediate events, it's not possible to set them as non-interrupting. However, you can do this for boundary events following the following steps:

create the task to which you will attach the event,

right click on the task, select the option "Attach event," and select the type of event you want (the following events cannot be set as non-interrupting: Error, Compensate, and Cancel)

Once the attached boundary event is created, it will be created with a flow arrow too. Right click on the arrow and select the option "Is Non Interrupting." This will change the borders of the boundary event as stated in this article:

We hope this helps in answering your question.

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Laura G