How can I change the diagrams ID?

I first designed quite many diagrams all separately (unfortunately). now I discovered, that I should have designed them all in the same file.

Then I exported them all into separate XPDL-Files in order to import them again in one single new file. That worked fine for many of them, but for some it doesn't... Attemting to import them, I get an error-message saying

"A diagram with the same Id already exists"

Can I change this ominous "diagram Id" anywhere? Where?

If not: Can I workaroud it and import it anyway?

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Dear Beat,

Thank you for your interest in Bizagi.

Diagrams ID are handled internally and there would be no need to alter them. This is so, because you should have no problems importing all diagrams into a single bpm file.

The "A diagram with the same Id already exists" is shown whenever you are attempting to import a diagram which has already been imported.

Notice that this may happen too if a bpm file was copied+pasted (and then renamed).

If this is your case, you may choose to copy and paste the diagram elements to a new diagram.

Best regards,


it is possible to edit the xpdl file with a notepad and change the id.


Dear Clovis,

Yes, it is possible, but we do not recommend it because you can get a message like: "A diagram with the same Id already exists".