Hide or Remove the Left Panel "Search Within" in the Published Webversion

We are having quite long process flows and sometimes people would like to include the process through an iframe (for example on the Intranet). However we are having some challenges with the left panel, the "Search within" process. It's quite big, taking up space and sometime it's not so useful. SO is there a way of hiding it or remove it?

I have looked through the CSS-files and other script files to see if there is an definition of a frame or a width that could be changed directly in the generated fiels. But it's to much of data so i get a bit lost.

I include a file "image.png" that shows what we cold like to hide in the web-interface.

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Dear Sten,

This post is taken as an idea because there is not a way to remove it. You can only customise your styles according this article:


If you want to access a specific Diagram form an external location using a Hyperlink to open a process directly, instead of opening the Home page, open the desired process and copy the entire URL. This URL can be used as hyperlink and the process will be opened directly.