Have Bizagi Modeler Services come with a templated example for folder and process structure

When starting with Bizagi Modeler Services it would be helpful to see a real-world example of how to structure process diagrams by functional departments (or other options) and what other metadata or organizational information would be needed.

Want to avoid making mistakes and then spending hours correcting and rebuilding.

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Dear David,

Thank you for your comments and ideas. We will give this idea to the Product team for their assessment and decision.

In the meantime, you may be willing to access the Bizagi e-learning platform (, which contains videos explaining the modeler process with examples; or the Help page which explains both the palettes in the app, the different kinds of events and its functions, and the BPMN Standard (you may want to start here:

Please, let us know if any of these resources help you with your requirement or if there's something else you have in mind with the idea you posted.

Best regards,

Laura G