Gateway conditions

I'm a little confused regarding the conditions/expression I set for gateways.

For example the 2 conditions for a gateway may be Yes or No.

I can set the conditions and put some words around the expression associated with it.

BUT, as soon as I set the 'Is Default' setting, the expression disappears.

I want to be able to have text come up (after publishing to web) and also see which path is the expected default.

Any thoughts?


Dear Mike,

Gateways represent a branching point in the Process, from which more than one path will be possible (divergence).When alternative paths are available from a Gateways (especially for Exclusive or Inclusive types), documentation is included as conditional expressions for each decision branch representing a path.In Bizagi, you may define the condition for the path either in the Gateway itself, or in each of its decision branches (or sequence flow).

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