Free Modeller time limits?

While using Bizagi Modeller on the free plan, after about 3 hours of use, I start getting a pop-up message window to upgrade.

The pop-up window keeps re-appearing every few minutes, and some parts of the GUI become blank, such as the Information panel on the right side of the page

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Dear Sunny,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. The free use of Bizagi Modeler has no limits; however, the message you included with your question appears when a free user tries to access a feature that is not available for the free use (such as cloud storage, publication to web/SharePoint/Wiki, simulation, among others). So, if you are clicking on any of those options you will receive that message.

To see what the features available for free use are, you can look into this article (please bear in mind that Workgroup and Professional licenses are not available anymore):

Best regards,

Laura G