extended attributes not exported in BPMN output

I have defined extended attributes on the process and on several activities. Now I want to export the diagram as BPMN files.

I would expect the extended attributes to show up as <extensionElements> , but they are not written to the BPMN file at all.

When I export the diagram as XPDL files the extended attributes are written as <ExtendedAttributes>.

I am using Bizagi Modeller version on windows 7 64 bit. I attached the .bpm, the .bpmn and the .xpdl files for investigation.

Files: case.rar

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Dear Enno,

Can I import and export extended attributes using XPDL language?Yes, it is possible to import and export the extended attributes using XPDL.Keep in mind that you can import/export paired-up attributes (i.e., name, value). Hence, tables are not imported or exported.It is not possible to import or export milestones, artifacts (include data objects) and embedded files as these elements are not defined by XPDL language.In addition, presentation actions are not exported because they are an unique feature of Bizagi Modeler

Once you have created an Extended Attribute it will be available for all the elements of the same type in the Model.It is very common to need an Extended Attribute on several elements of different types.

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Hello Juan,

Thank you for looking into my issue.


file was not the problem. Extended attributes are exported correctly in

XPDL. I just added the XPDL file to show there was not problem.


the sharing of the extended attributes is not a problem. All extended

attributes should be shared on the same elements. This is working


My issue is that the extended attributes are not

exported correctly to a BPMN file. In fact they are not exported at all.

I would expect them to be exported as extension elements. I think it's

an error that extended attributes are not exported to a BPMN file. As

you can see on the attached files in my previous post I have exported a

business proces as XPDL and as BPMN. The XPDL file contains the extended

attributes where the BPMN file does not. The procesname starts with

1.1. It should be easy to find for you in the attached .bpm file

although al procesnames are in dutch language.

I need the extended attributes in a BPMN file to further proces this file for my master thesis.



Dear Enno,

Thank you for your explication. We want to say that this feature is not enable when one exports to BPMN file. If you prefer, you can create it as an idea in order to be developed in a future release.

Best Regards