Extended attributes lost when changing task type

I have a process diagram with a reasonable number of plain tasks, all of which have custom extended attributes. I found that if I change the task type, say from plain (none) type to send type, all the extended attributes are lost and their fields are not available. If I change it back to the prior type, the extended attributes fields return, but their values are now empty.

Is this normal? Other BPMN modelling tools just consider the task type to be abstracted from what special attributes it has and you can change the task type in an ad-hoc manner as needed.

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Dear Sunny,

Thank you for letting us know your questions. Yes, it is a normal behavior and it happens because extended attributes are assumed to belong to all elements of the same type, so if you have 2 manual tasks and create an extended attribute on one of them, both are assigned an instance of that attribute. Then, when you change one of the manual tasks to, say a script task, it loses the extended attributes of a manual tasks and assume those of the script tasks (if any). Then when you change this script task to a manual task again, it loses the attributes associated with script tasks and assumes the attributes of manual tasks (even thought the values of those attributes go back to the defaults).

We hope this helps in answering you, but please let us know if you have any more questions.

Kind regards,

Laura G


OK, thanks.

I guessed that might have been the case, it just came as a big surprise when it happened. I suppose it does have its advantages in that each task type has discrete attributes, so the total set is much larger.

I'll re-enter all the attribute values again for those tasks that were changed and just plan ahead a bit more in the future.