Exporting a cloud model to another account.

Hello. I am currently using Bizagi Modeler with the Workgroup TRIAL plan. I want to purchase Workgroup licenses for another account. I need to migrate my existing model (in the cloud) from a personal to a corporate account. How do I do that?

Regards, Sergey.

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Dear Sergey,

Thank you for letting us know your questions.

To migrate your models from one cloud environment to another you must save them on your PC and then upload them to your new cloud environment.

The following article explains the process of saving locally and uploading to a cloud environment:

Please, let us know whether this answers your questions or you need further information.

Kind regards,

Laura G


Thank you, Laura.

Everything is clear, except one question:

There is a Value chain diagram in the model. And it is linked to other diagrams.

Value chain will also be transferred while preserving the existing links?

Regards, Sergey.


Hi Sergey,

Unfortunately, the information will not be transferred as easily since Value chains are cloud elements specific to each subscription. However, here is an option you can evaluate and see if is useful:

You could buy the subscription with the same account you activated the trial with and then change the email associated with the subscription to your corporate email.

That way you will keep all the elements, including the value chains.

Let us know if this works well for you.

Best regards,

Laura G